The following resources are aimed at helping you determine your financial goals, risk tolerance and time horizon:

Why Do You Need a Passive Income Stream?
6 December 2021

Active income streams, such as dividends and interest, are important components of any diversification strategy when attempting to...

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Investing in Your Future, Regardless of Current Assets
27 November 2021

In the financial market, there area multitude of assets that are traded in order for investors to obtain...

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Welcome to quants compete
Quants Compete: A Financial Advisor That Cares About Your Goals
22 November 2021

Creating an effective financial plan can be complicated. Guidance, clear and concise goals, and the use of available...

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Welcome to Quants Compete
19 October 2021

Hi, my name is Matthew Jones and I’m the founder and CEO of Quants Compete; a company that...

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