Who We Serve

Quants Compete offers wealth management services to individual and corporate clients. Our approach is simple – build a portfolio that suits your needs, and manage it responsibly.


Corporate Money Market Funds

Companies trust Quants Compete to actively manage their money market funds. In addition to generating a reasonable rate of return on your funds (one that often greatly outperforms the bank), we make sure you have the liquidity you need to keep your company running smoothly.

“Active management of client funds isn’t just our business, it’s our fiduciary responsibility.

-Matthew P. Jones, Ph.D.

Personalized Portfolio Management

We construct each portfolio to meet our client’s individual suitability requirements. When it comes to management, our general philosophy is to remain bullish while maintaining a proper hedge. Typically, we allocate a small percentage of portfolio to serve as an insurance policy against a large downward market move. This helps to preserve our clients’ Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), which is a strategy that over time, can lead to superior performance.

Our Fee Structure

Quants Compete charges a flat rate of just 0.95% of Assets Under Management (AUM)*. To get started, Register with us and we will send you our Welcome Kit. In it, we will guide you through our quick setup process. Get started today!

Open Your Account

Once you Register with us, we’ll ask you to create and fund a brokerage account with Interactive Brokers LLC. Note: As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Quants Compete never has custody of your funds. Rather, we manage the funds that you place into your brokerage account.

Complete Our Questionnaire

Once you open and fund an Interactive Brokers account, we will ask that you complete our questionnaire. This will help us get to know you. Specifically, we want to know about your financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Then we’ll begin to actively manage your brokerage account.

Quants Compete functions as both a Direct to Consumer (DTC) service as well as a Business to Business (B2B) service. In each case, we offer quantitative methods that are designed to grow client wealth.

*For more details about our fee structure, click on our Legal page.