Corporate Services

Quants Compete offers money market management to its corporate clients, a service which often greatly outperforms banks. We invest our clients in low-to-no risk securities like U.S. Treasuries. Not only does this method generate a healthy return for our clients, it maintains liquidity of capital.

We maintain excellent communication with our clients in order to ensure they always have cash ready to deploy whenever they may need it. Here are some reasons you’ll want to Register your business with Quants Compete right now.

Extending Your Financial Runway

Many companies experience a cash flow that models feast-or-famine. Retailers, for example see the majority of their sales occurring around the holidays. This seasonal lump-sum of capital often sets the length of their financial runway for the rest of the year. Quants Compete extends this runway by putting their capital to work in low-to-no risk securities. We help our client’s get to their next season of sales with less stress.

“Getting started with Quants Compete’s may be the smartest financial decision you’ll make this year.”

-Matthew P. Jones, Ph.D.

Growing You Business

Companies that Register with Quants Compete may find themselves earning enough interest on their capital to purchase capital equipment. They may even find their budget now allows them to hire a new employee or contractor. That’s right! Having Quants Compete manage your money market funds may actually result in the expansion of your business.

To get started, just Register with Quants Compete and we will send you our Welcome Kit. In it, we will provide simple instructions on how to open and fund a new brokerage account with Interactive Brokers. Once funded, Quants Compete will manage this brokerage account on your behalf.