Why did we choose Interactive Brokers? +

We selected Interactive Brokers LLC as the custodian of our clients’ funds because: (1) Interactive Brokers is proactive in their technology, and as a result they have excellent cyber-security. Nothing is more important to Quants Compete than your privacy & security. (11), Interactive Brokers has a very competitive fee structure. Our goal is to minimize burdensome fees on our clients. Interactive Brokers has been a great fit in meeting this objective.

How do I pay my monthly bill? +

The good news is, you don’t have to do anything. We will send out our monthly bill to Interactive Brokers. They will automatically deduct our fee from your brokerage account. This keeps us from asking you for credit card and/or banking information, and it keeps us from connecting directly to your account.

Do you provide discounts for non-profits? +

Yes we do! We provide a discount to registered charities and non-profit organizations. Send us a message if your business falls into this category.

Is there a minimum to get started? +

At present, Quants Compete does not require a minimum account size to get started.